Cinque Terre Boat Tours
The magic of the sea...

...a traditional boat...endless horizons and sunsets...

Cinque Terre Boat Tours
Unforgettable. one of the most picturesque towns in all of Italy by the sea...

Cinque Terre Boat Tours
Cinque Terre National Park

...30+ nautical miles to discover...

Life at sea...
The villages of the Cinque Terre, like you have never seen them

On board boat Scilla, we are pleased to offer all our guests a unique and unforgettable experience through excursions which meets all your needs perfectly. For lovers of the sea, don’t miss diving and snorkeling in one of the most spectacular coastal areas, famous for its coves and blue water.
But for those of you who love relaxing yourselves, you can leisurely sunbathe on board and enjoying your time with music and any glass of our good local wine by marveling at well-known Protected Marine Area of the world.

We are hospitable
It's important to us to make you feel at home!

We want to pass on to our guests the emotion we feel every day sailing our incredible sea.

We are professionals
Your safely comes first

Our experience and our attendion to every detail are what sets us apart.

We love our area, and we want it to be respected and appreciated
E vogliamo che venga rispettato

Every single thing we offer is done with the utmost respect for the incredible nature that surrounds us.

We keep our traditions
We love good food and good wine!

To fully experience a place you need to also sample it's culinary offerings and various tastes.

A small team with Big Ideas

We are here to make the best of it.

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Your Skipper!

Diego is a young man who was born and raised in San Terenzo, one of the gems of the nearby Gulf of Poets, and moved to Monterosso more than 10 years ago after being hypnotized by its beauty and lifestyle. Diego has since been working doing what he loves - making tourists welcomed guests of the Cinque Terre.

A classic princess of the seas!

This amazing motor boat named Scilla has a length of 10 meters, including a really fast hull, a comfortable safe with a large deck to host lots of passengers. The whole boat is built of wood thanks to a Sicilian experienced maestro.


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Our best calling card?Are you!

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Nautical Miles to discover!


Hundreds of marine species to see


Maximum number of guest


The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides became an UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dopo l'istante magico in cui i miei occhi si sono aperti nel mare, non mi è stato più possibile vedere, pensare, vivere come prima.


Il mare unisce i paesi che separa


C'è vita dove nessuno arriva vicino al mare profondo, e c'è musica nel suo boato.


Ogni onda del mare ha una luce differente, proprio come la bellezza di chi amiamo.


Osservare tra frondi il palpitare lontano di scaglie di mare, mentre si levano tremuli scricchi di cicale dai calvi picchi.


Our offer

Since this year Fish & Chill offers to its own guests new tours.
Firstly, these ones will be shorter and last about 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, you can take a whole excursion enriched of telling the Cinque Terre history and tradition. In addition, we give guests on board the opportunity to take a break during the tour to take photos, go diving or go snorkeling to explore marine treasures (equipment included).

Start in Monterosso 10:00am

On departing from Monterosso at 10 a.m (the last and the biggest of the villages) the “morning tour” is the best way to start your holiday! In the morning you can appreciate the fascinating five villages and enjoy a relaxing swim in the clear water. Our skipper will take a break in a small bay where you can explore the beauty of the surrounding coast.

Back on board the boat, our guests will sample a variety of savory snacks and can enjoy a glass of local wine offered by our staff while admiring the natural amazing landscape and coastline.

Arrival time is at 12:45, just in time for lunch.

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Start depending on the season

For the romantics or non-sun lovers we are pleased to suggest to you all the wonders and the emotions that an enchanting sunset tour can offer. Diego, our expert skipper, will navigate through evocative and extraordinary surroundings, such is Cinque Terre Park.

This starts from Monterosso to Riomaggiore. Traveling by sea you can fully appreciate the beautiful scenery, and also allows the opportunity to take amazing photos and enjoy a swim in the clear blue sea before enjoying a savory snack and local wine offered by our staff (for children other types of drinks will be offered).

Departure and arrival time may change depending on the season but however the whole tour should last about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Upon Request

For lovers of the sea but also for families or big groups, our staff provides all guests with a personalized tour of Cinque Terre’s villages which is navigated with an experienced skipper who will be pleased to plan the best itinerary for you.

Thanks to this option you can also navigate across the Gulf of La Spezia to discover the beauty of the bay of Portovenere. Once you are there, you can walk around or visit its popular landmarks, such as the Gulf of Poets.

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A Vigna du Raffa

A vacation cannot be complete without a great place to sleep and relax...what could be better than an apartment or room in a typical Ligurian house, in the center of the Old Town of Monterosso, a few steps from the sea? Ask for information for complete packages and great prices.

Info and reservations

A Vigna du Raffa can be found on all of the major online booking sites! If you are interested in complete packages including LODGING AND BOAT EXCURSIONS, please contact us directly.

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Un ricordo che ci porteremo sempre nel cuore, soprattutto per chi, come noi, non ha mai vissuto un'esperienza così a bordo di una barca!


Stress da vacanza? Rumori e code in spiaggia? Scordatevi di tutto questo!!!Grazie Diego!


Dopo aver visto Portovenere e le 5 Terre dal mare viene voglia di comprarsi una barca e trasferirsi qui!!!

Anna e Manuele

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